Let’s learn from the top education system in the world.

According to a study by Pearson, Finland and South Korea top the list of 40 developed countries with the best education systems. Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore follow.

Korean government supports and spends on education (in proportion to the size of the economy) more than other countries. In 2008, it invested 7.6% of its gross domestic product in education.

In the 1990s, Korean authorities recognized the importance of using ICT in education, it launched a master program and develop ICT in education with connecting a PC per teacher and have Internet access in all classrooms.It also trained teachers to integrate ICT into classroom teaching.

In 2011, it announced a $2.4 billion strategy to digitize the nation’s entire school curriculum by 2015.

“At the core of this ambitious project, dubbed ‘Smart Education’, is the implementation of ‘digital textbooks’  interactive versions of traditional textbooks that can be constantly updated in real time. Digital textbooks contain a combination of textbooks, reference books, workbooks, dictionaries and multimedia content such as video clips, animations, and virtual-reality programmes that can be tailored to students’ abilities and interests. Students can underline sections, take notes, reorganise pages and create hyperlinks to online material.

The following video is a must watch, featuring government officials, teachers, and students in South Korea.

Korea: Using ICT to make a successful education system even better




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